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Shaggy And Cloud Tissa

Biographie von Cloud Tissa:

Cloud Tissa Developed a passion for music at an early age of 13 years writhing his first song titled "Heshima" meaning "Respect" in swahili. Early on it was apparent that Tissa had his heart set on music. Not long after he picked the microfone at his first public appearance in a rap talent battle in Nairobi, Kenya winning the competition despite the face that it was his first time ever singing in public. Numerous prizes where bestowed on him and it was then that Tissa knew he could move a crowd and that music was his vehicle. However Tissa felt the real prize was that he found his lifes calling an ever since then he has ever locked back. Could Tissa comes from Rwanda and was brought up in Mombasa, Kenya where he joined the St. Augustine´s preparatory school chor in fourth grade.

In 1998 Tissa released his first Single "Laumu" meaning "Blame" in swahili at a tender age of 15 years and increased his involvement in a local television programm dudded as Mizizi which propelled his single to number one for two months in the charts. After once again rasing his level of achievement, Tissa teamed up with Rufftone and Eddy Nadaulah and released a track called "its Up 2 U" that look the airwave by storm rising to number 2 on the charts of the Metro FM countdown and got some air play on BBC Radio and other stations. Tissa appeared in many gigs and concerts and toured with one of Africa´s female stars, Sali Oyugi, performing with the Hot Road Band that was made of great talented musicians such as Kidum among others.

After conquering the East African charts, cloud tissa set his sight on other markets and released his first album called "1st Capter" that featured songs like Sunshine Lady which ists Video won the airwave in africa and one of the very few Swahili songs to be aired in Europe radio and Television stations. Others include Ngoma, Dusk till Dawn, Light it up among others. Cloud Tissa´s new album "Phisically Fit" is a blend of different and Hip Hop mainstream included.

Physically Fit album is truly "feel the music, feel the vibes" a higher carat which distinguishes Tissas skills, with a sensational sound for everybody.

The 16 tracks album was produced between two continents, Africa and Europe and features a large number of east African and international houshold musicians and pruducers who have cut a niche for themselves in the genre of the music that they perform. These musicians are Wyre, Nameless, Kidum, C. L. D, Risasi, Robert "R Kay" Kamanzi, Julian Hruza, Eric Musyoka, Kevo and Sos.

In the past yeras, Cloud Tissa has done work with such great artists as B-Nice (Unque 2), Femi (Soultans), Prince Zeka, Rens Newland and many more. He is indeed expanding the boundarias of music wiht his unique artistic style and has extended his creative skills in  directing and editing music videas for himself and other artists such as 3gga feat. Million Stylez, Coolio, Stela feat. Warren G, Hoerspiel Crew, Tres Monos and many more. At his hieght of the career the Mellow Dee voice musician has appeard in different major shows and shared stages with internationally renowned artistes like the Wailers, Thired World, Partice, Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dude and many more.

Cloud Tissa says,
"if the was no muic i would have invented music, and if there was no music industry, i would have become the music industry".

Cloud Tissa feat. Risasi - Huyo Dem

Cloud Tissa & G-Solo - All Over

Cloud Tissa feat. Rafiq Varind - Sunshine Lady

Cloud Tissa - Life To Life

Cloud Tissa  feat. Hoerspielcrew - Light It Up

Cloud Tissa - Where Am From

Cloud Tissa - feat. Didier U. Rucekeli - Good Friends

Cloud Tissa - Give Me Time

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